Pultrusion Machine Overview

The REi Pul series™ line of pultrusion machinery is designed to fit the various needs required for success in today’s demanding and ever growing plastics industry. The days of minimal process equipment offerings are a thing of the past.  This is precisely why Romeo Engineering has developed a well rounded line of equipment to fit a full spectrum of needs from the entry level and value minded customer to the most complex systems used by the largest pultruders around the world.

Our proven REi Pul line of pultrusion machinery is available in three unique categories to ensure we have the very best solution for every customer and every application.  To excel in the world of pultrusion, we must keep pace with the ever evolving industry advancements.  We have a staff of professional engineers working feverishly to keep Romeo Engineering’s REi Pul series as cutting edge as the market it serves.  When the time is right, give us a call to see exactly how Romeo Engineering can elevate your process.

Romeo Engineering, Inc. – Moving Automation Forward!

REi Pul Precision series

The REi Pul Precision line of pultrusion machine is by far our most popular series. These machines come standard with high level software upgrades to help your operators keep the line up and running efficiently. They utilize programmable alarms that are effective in helping to identify, predict, and correct any anomaly before it becomes a problem.  The high precision movement of our machinery is a product of utilizing the most cutting edge technology in hydraulic valving, position feedback, and man to machine interface. Remote access and process data logging are also standard features on these machines. They can easily be integrated into your existing network and rapidly connect you to our knowledgeable full time support staff.  With our Precision series help is always on the way!


REi Pul Lite series

After enduring all the pain staking hours of learning how not to pultrude, after you have muddled your way through product development and conquered the daunting task of convincing the market place that you have the highest quality product available, now the real fun begins.  Yes, we are talking about maximizing profits! Lacking the bells and whistles of the Precision series our Lite series has earned its market share through hard work, reliability, and cost savings. Utilizing proven designs, these machines are sure to offer years of trouble free service while at the same time satisfying even the most frugal purchasing manager!

REi Pul Custom series

Last but certainly not least, our custom line of REi Pul pultrusion machine offers a level of complexity that can only be found within Romeo Engineering’s family of products. These lines can offer pre and post processing of your pultruded products through robotic integration and can move with the grace and precision only achieved through servo control. The custom series has no boundaries other than your imagination. We utilize a very established and powerful tool specifically created for automated applications. This tool is only available through Romeo Engineering, and it currently contains over 3 decades of archived designs that are refined with each passing day. Let our past experience make your current experience a success!