Automated Assembly Systems TX Overview

The REiAUTOMATE™ Series was founded to conceive and build the highest quality industrial automation available in America. We offer automation consulting and turnkey systems to a wide variety of markets both domestic and abroad. The principles of automation are both universal and independent for every application. By applying our proven solutions to your specific applications, we can deliver significant increases in efficiency while lowering the risks associated with custom automation.

Romeo Engineering pioneered the use of computers and robotics in assembly automation and through those efforts has developed standard techniques and components that can be applied to new system designs. Our manufacturing operations utilize the latest in CNC and conventional machine tools. Our machine design uses cutting edge technology, including the very latest in 3-D CAD modeling software, to ensure that we exceed our clients’ expectations. Integrated electronic controls coupled with precision mechanisms, in situ inspections, and electronic data collection for analysis is the key to a successful project. Romeo has the engineering capabilities to complete your entire project from conception to installation.

We move automation forward!