Aerospace Automation TX

Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

As robots and automated processes become increasingly more accurate and more capable, companies in the aerospace industry are integrating them into their manufacturing processes. Within the aerospace industry, robotic automation processes can help in the following ways:

  • Increasing production
  • Boosting aircraft build rates
  • Improving manufacturing line efficiencies
  • Increasing accuracy and quality by automating higher-precision manufacturing processes

Robotic automation continues to evolve towards becoming more flexible, less expensive, and consuming less time to implement into the operation processes. In consideration of the intensity of aerospace manufacturing and design processes, it is not feasible to think the work can be done long-term by humans at a consistent quality and production pace. Implementing automation processes is once again, the optimum solution.

For the past quarter century, Romeo Engineering, Inc. has developed patented techniques in aerospace automation to streamline the production of aircraft and related components.  We specialize in three dimensional composite structures, energetic materials, and tooling, among many other segments of the industry. Our work has even been featured in magazines such as Composites World Magazine. We fundamentally changed the fabrication of helicopter spar assembly. Our spar assembly system is faster, more accurate, and it electronically paces the operators. As an automation company, we try to eliminate the dependency of operator input. Romeo’s designs rely heavily on servo controls which are fast, easy to configure, and accurate. Our projects have included the following:

  • Helicopter Spar and Blade Fabrication and Testing
  • Honeycomb Repair of Flight Control Surfaces
  • Jet Engine Thermal Shield Fabrication
  • 3D Composite Structure Assembly
  • Combustor Assembly Line
  • Military Surveillance Systems
  • Mission Critical Stocking of Parts at Romeo Engineering
  • AIM-9 Missile Destructive Test Cell
  • Energetic Rocket Guided Missile Continuous Casting System