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Indian Head Arsenal GEM Rocket Motor Continuous Casting System

For nearly the last quarter century, Romeo Engineering Inc has developed patented techniques to streamline the production of energetic materials. We manufacture systems to assemble or disassemble military and USA commercial products including grenades, airbag combustors, artillery, bullets, primers, rocket motors, chemical agents, and bombs. Special knowledge is required when working with these sensitive materials. Projects short list include the following:


  • SABOT Anti-Tank Weapon Assembly Line
  • 2.75 Rocket motor production
  • M-49 Assembly and Testing
  • Pantex Energetics Cutting
  • Automotive Airbag Inflator Assembly
  • Automotive Airbag Propellant Manufacturing
  • 155 -105 HE Warhead Production
  • Mortar Warhead Assembly
  • LOVA Propellant Production Line
  • Fuses of all Types
  • Munitions Initiates
  • Chemical/Biological Weapons Assembly and Disassembly

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4217 Hahn Blvd. Fort Worth, TEXAS 76117 USA

Tel: (817) 656-0048