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Platinum Waterjet

Best application: Cut extremely large cutting areas (larger than 6' x12')


  • Large cutting areas - 16 x 16 feet to 20 x 20 feet per section
  • Any materials -  from foam to super alloys and engineered composites, from  simple bevels to complex 3-D surfaces.
  • Full range of motion - from vertical to horizontal; makes a full rotation in one fluid motion without stopping.
  • Turn-key system - manufactured to machine tool standards
  • Option to acquire 5-Axis series - the next generation of waterjets

Competitive advantage:

  • Most rigid design available
  • Simplified programming of complex solid models
  • Improved accuracy
  • Faster speed up cut time
  • Requires little calibration

Competitive designs are expensive and have limited range that are difficult to keep aligned when changing tips.

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4217 Hahn Blvd. Fort Worth, TEXAS 76117 USA

Tel: (817) 656-0048