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Silver Waterjet

Best application: Silver waterjets are abrasive waterjet with a cut tolerance of 0.005 in as opposed to our gold (0.003 in). They are best for customers on a budget who don't need super high precision.

Features and Capabilities:

  • Any materials - cuts through virtually any material, from foam to super alloy and engineered composites
  • Turn-key system - manufactured to machine tool standards
  • Three standard sizes: 5x4, 5x10, and 6x12 ft
  • Sturdy - fully stressed relieved with a ground steel structure chassis
  • Closed loop servos on all programmable axes
  • Precision guide rails with 4-point ball contact for rigidity
  • Precision abrasive delivery with display

Optional features:

  • Servo "Z" axis
  • Multiple cutting heads
  • Automatic tank cleaning filters
  • Corplast grating cutting bed
  • Large waterjet intensifier sizes
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4217 Hahn Blvd. Fort Worth, TEXAS 76117 USA

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