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If we were to take a look around, we will quickly understand wealth is created in basic industries, manufacturing, food, mining. Unfortunately, the US has lost a great deal in these areas in the past several decades to low-cost labor markets in the developing world. However, implementing automation processes in the manufacturing operations within our borders will offset the low-cost labor overseas. Romeo Engineering has done it and can share those examples with you, in all three sectors. So, there is hope.

Developing an automation process is more complex than just adding some robots or machines to the floor. When helping your company develop and implement a new automation process, we can analyze your entire manufacturing process and final product requirements, and ensure the new automation systems optimize the production output. We will assure it integrates well with the rest of manufacturing process on the floor.

The planning for your new automation process will start at the design. It is very possible in the process we could discover simple design changes that would enhance the productivity and reliability of your end product. Than move to simulation to confirm our plan, then professional design and implementation of the automation and finally training and post sale service.

Obvious benefits of automation in a manufacturing environment? 

  • The "grunt" work will be done with more precision by machines now and give workers the opportunity to grow, including supervising the machines and advanced automation processes
  • Management and shareholders will benefit when the company can offer better quality products at lower costs, real time reporting, lower head count
  • Customers will be happy to have access to higher quality, lower priced goods, keeping you competitive. 

We encourage you to contact us about your manufacturing automation needs. We will work hard, side-by-side with you, to ensure your new automation processes help catapult your company to new revenue and growth heights.


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4217 Hahn Blvd. Fort Worth, TEXAS 76117 USA

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