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Aerospace Industry

As robots and automated processes become increasingly more accurate and more capable, companies in the aerospace industry are applying them in the manufacturing processes as well. The robotic automation processes help them:

  • Meet the increasing demands on delivering large order of backlog
  • Boost aircraft build rates
  • Improve manufacturing line efficiencies
  • Increase accuracies and quality with automating higher-precision manufacturing processes

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Food Industry

The implementation of robotics and automation in the food sector offers great potential for improved safety, quality and profitability by optimizing process monitoring and control.

Large scale food production is more involved than one may think, and includes food and packaging processes that require custom approach and development.

Romeo Engineering Food Automation technologies normally include control machines/computers; they are normally programed with alarms and may show simple graphics and animation. It really depends on what best meets the needs of the client.

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For nearly the last quarter century, Romeo Engineering Inc has developed patented techniques to streamline the production of energetic materials. We manufacture systems to assemble or disassemble military and USA commercial products including grenades, airbag combustors, artillery, bullets, primers, rocket motors, chemical agents, and bombs. Special knowledge is required when working with these sensitive materials.

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If we were to take a look around, we will quickly understand wealth is created in basic industries, manufacturing, food, mining. Unfortunately, the US has lost a great deal in these areas in the past several decades to low-cost labor markets in the developing world. However, implementing automation processes in the manufacturing operations within our borders will offset the low-cost labor overseas. Romeo Engineering has done it and can share those examples with you, in all three sectors.

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