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By applying our robotics expertise to a new technology, Romeo Engineering has designed a broad range of ultra-high pressure waterjets and abrasive waterjets. This equipment integrates waterjet intensifiers into our special designed machinery, tailoring this newest cutting technology to your needs. We can provide custom designed programming tools to assist you in your part programming or provide part programming on a contract basis. We also offer a series of precision cutting systems that make waterjet technology available in a low cost, easy to use machine-tool package.

Rather than force what we have in stock on our customers, Romeo Engineering Inc is dedicated to fabricating exactly what kind of waterjet our customer needs. Whether part of an assembly line or multi-headed, we have the engineering capability to fabricate a machine that meets your specific desire. In addition to the features below that can be added to your custom waterjet, Romeo Engineering Inc's library of work includes extrusion cut-off waterjets, explosion proof waterjets, high pressure test chambers for petro-chemicals, ordinance demiliterization waterjets, as well as waterjet/lathe combinations.

Multiple Cutting Heads

If your waterjet will be used to cut many identicle parts, our multiple cutting heads will help to fullfil you cutting demands

Conveyer Belts

Romeo Engineering offers conveyer belts for our non-abrasive cutting waterjets to save time on loading and unloading

Dynamic Centerline

In order to maximize the surface area of what's being cut, our dynamic centerline waterjets can be adjusted to cut features anywhere along the x-axis as well as cut with one head to produce an odd number of parts
REI-Gold Dynamic Centerline Waterjet sm

5-Axis Cutting Head

Romeo Engineering's 5-Axes can cut simple bevels or complex 3-D surfaces in virtually any material. It has full range of motion from vertical to horizontal, and can make a full rotation in one fluid motion without stopping. It is the most rigid design available and requires little calibration.
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4217 Hahn Blvd. Fort Worth, TEXAS 76117 USA

Tel: (817) 656-0048