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Bronze Water jet

Best Application:

  • High speed cutting of commodity products where accuracy can be relaxed
  • Ideally suited for harsh environments, like fiberglass insulation, sheet rock, rubber, etc, where accuracy can be relaxed.

Features and capabilities:

  • High speed
  • Superior to linear motors which have very poor torque at high speed
  • Superior to rack & pinion which cannot withstand repeated high accelerations and have backlash issues
  • Robust linear bearings with 4-point ball contact (i.e. no cheap V-rollers)
  • Closed loop servos and precision planetary gearing
  • Available with 1 or more cutting nozzles, depending on pump size
  • Available in either abrasive for cutting metals or non-abrasive for plastics, leather, wall board, etc

Optional Features:

  • Optional conveyor (for non-metals only) in either servo programmable or manual jog type
  • Optional food grade version

Competitive advantage: The special drive train is superior for maintaining accuracy at high speeds. Competitive linear motors have little torque at high speeds and therefore provide lowered stability.

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4217 Hahn Blvd. Fort Worth, TEXAS 76117 USA

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